To date Compatible Cable has supplied over 100 different cable and wire harness assemblies to our robotics clients, with orders ranging from 2-piece test prototypes to production runs of several thousand at a time. With the help of Compatible Cable’s organization, experience-based processes, and proactive approach to business, complete with regular order status updates and reorder check-ups, we have worked together with our client to achieve efficient operations and a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Case Study – Robotics Custom Cable Assembly

The Challenge

Move custom cable assembly builds to an outside vendor to relieve internal resources. A client that manufactures robotic systems partnered Compatible Cable to improve their efficiency. They had regularly purchased standard serial DB9 and USB cables for several months, but they were building all of their non-standard cables in-house. Their engineers were constantly designing new cables for their products, and while they could produce prototypes quickly in-house, they found that their engineers were spending hours each week building production quantities of cables when they had much more important things to do (besides, no engineer wants to spend all day building battery straps or 5-wire JST to Molex looms to connect a Sharp IR Sensor to a Servo Motor).

The Solution

As a proof of concept, Compatible Cable agreed to build the next custom cable requirement for the robotics industry client. After collecting specifications from the client, we produced quotations for 12 prototype assemblies as well as production runs of 1000 pieces. After factoring in the cost of parts, inbound freight from multiple suppliers, and the amount of time their engineers would spend building these cables, the client realized that Compatible Cable’s price was significantly lower than their other options. The prototypes were delivered and approved within 2 weeks. After regular production orders were placed, the client received a weekly order status report, keeping them regularly updated with ETAs, and orders were consistently delivered on-time.

4-pin_Tyco_Custom_Cable_assemblies 4-pin_Tyco_Custom_Cable_assemblies
AMP_Quick_Disconnect_Terminals_custom_cable_assemblies AMP_Quick_Disconnect_Terminals_custom_cable_assemblies
805-28998 805-28998
805-28998 AMP and JWT Multi-connector custom wire harness assembly

The Result

Compatible Cable now provides large or small volume quantities of a high mix of different custom assemblies, deliver on-time and at a lower overall cost, it was an easy decision to partner with us to effectively address the cable and adapter aspect of their business. Are you a robotics company needing help with cable assemblies? Request a quote