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Compatible Cable has been a trusted partner for embedded systems manufacturers for years. Global manufacturers of digital and analog industrial I/O control systems trust Compatible Cable to provide extremely complex and exotic custom cable assemblies to ship with their products.

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The Challange

Build a custom cable assembly with a Mil-spec 130-pin 38999 circular connector breaking out to 13 legs, carrying USB, ethernet, VGA, DVI, 3.5mm audio, RS232 serial, and SATA signals.Mil-spec 38999 130-pin to 12 leg custom cable assembly

The Result

After receiving the evaluation sample, the head engineer on the project wrote, “I tested out all the cables on the first article cable assembly and everything worked great. What was really amazing was that the SATA cable worked at Gen. 3 speeds when we could barely get ours to work at Gen. 1. I don’t what you guys did but you clearly know what you’re doing.” Reviews such as this illustrate why so many embedded system and industrial computer manufacturers make Compatible Cable their vendor-of-choice for their toughest custom cable assembly requirements.

Are you an embedded systems manufacturer needing help with cable assemblies?

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