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Client Case Study – Broadcast Custom Cable Assembly

The Challenge

Build a custom fiber optic assembly and custom coaxial cable for a company in the broadcast communications industry. A client who manufactures systems specializing in digital video capture, analysis, and replay for broadcast communications came to Compatible Cable with custom fiber optic assembly and custom coaxial cable assembly requirements.

The Solution

To meet the requirement for their product line, we were able to produce a 1×2 Single Mode Dual Window (1310/1550 nm) Coupler with a 50/50 Ratio, using 2mm ruggedized fiber with ST/UPC Connectors. For this special application, we were also able to build a bootless 90 degree bend optimized fiber assembly that provided the strain relief needed while minimizing the size for the tight space requirement. They also required RG-174 coax assemblies with a straight BNC connector on one end, and a right angle BNC connector on the other end. We built these in several different custom lengths for the client. For each custom fiber and coax assembly, we produced first article samples of the new custom cable which met our client’s requirement before completing the balance of the order.

FBR-US-BO12SRTRT-36IN Full Sheet FBR-US-BO12SRTRT-36IN Full Sheet
RFC-1741-02 Full Sheet RFC-1741-02 Full Sheet
RFC-1742-20IN Full Sheet RFC-1742-20IN Full Sheet

The Result

These cables became regular production items for one of our client’s best-selling systems. Are you a broadcast communications company needing help with cable assemblies? Request a quote