Another value-added service that Compatible Cable proudly offers is attractive retail header card packaging. This is available at no additional charge. If your business has a storefront or displays cables and adapters for sale to walk-in customer traffic, you can benefit greatly by partnering with us.

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Case Study – Consumer Electronics Retail Packaging Assembly

The Challenge

Present cables and adapters in an attractive and organized fashion for retail partners.

Several clients who sell cables and adapters off the shelf requested product packaging. This was to improve inventory management and on-shelf presentation to drive an increase in efficiency and sales.

The Solution

Compatible Cable ships pre-packaged products with high-quality blue and white header cards, complete with labels that include our part number and a detailed product description. The header cards come with a butterfly hole so that the product can hang nicely on either pegboard or slat wall hooks.

Large Header



Medium Header


Small Header


XL Large Header


X Small Header

The Result

Many customers now come to Compatible Cable to help them sell more cables and adapters in their stores by implementing our retail header card packaging. Whether your store would like to have a small “impulse-buy” spot by the register or an entire aisle dedicated to Compatible Cable packaged product, we are your trusted partner for profitable ongoing repeat business. Also, if your customer needs an uncommon adapter that you do not normally stock, just take the order, give us a call, and we will get the product to you.

All clients report an increase in sales by presenting cables and adapters in an attractive and organized fashion.

Remember, Compatible Cable strictly honors the Channel, so your business is safe with us. We do not sell to end users, government or corporate accounts. We refer these requests to our loyal clients.

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